Sofia Vergara

When I heard about getting the chance to interview Sofia Vergara, I nearly dropped my scalding hot matcha latte to the floor. Those aren’t basic yet, right?

Sofia is someone I’ve always admired — fearless, funny and proudly Latina. Especially as my mom is to SFK as Modern Family’s Gloria is to Manny. The Refinery team and I sat in the hallway of the penthouse at Nomo Soho (which, by the way, is how I would imagine Chuck Bass’s sexy Soho venture would look on Gossip Girl’s downtown spin-off). As we patiently waited for our turn, I could hear Sofia’s contagious laughter vibrate through the walls and immediately I felt at ease. Though I've always had positive experiences interviewing celebrities (for the most part — but that’s a story for another time), there’s always a fear that things may not go according to plan with that much personality in one room. But with Sofia, it was different. The minute I entered the room, I knew the way to connect with her was to put away my cue cards and be honestly myself. I didn’t hide how much I adored her and was confident, direct, and just a little bit sassy. This had to do with the fact that *spoiler alert* I had rehearsed for hours the night before with my mom playing Sofia, albeit with an Argentinian flair. Although I wanted to rely on my cards, my mom insisted on pushing me to guide the conversation by memory. And I’m so glad she did (thanks Mom!). As an interviewer, it’s easy for nerves to take hold and cause you to fall back on your scripted questions. However, with a little preparation and a lot of genuine excitement, Sofia and I were chatting away like the two spirited Latina ladies we are! 

Check out the /entrevista/ below.